Even the simplest specimens of beauty that surround us in our daily lives inspire a Love for creating in me that is vivacious. The classic perfection of the unfolding petals on a rose :: the rustic, weathered and worn patina of aged wood :: the brilliance of a setting sun :: the fluid lines of a field of flowers :: the layering of colour within a beloved pets fur :: a Love for details is what drives my passion and embodies my beliefs.

Flirting with Hollywood glam, vintage inspiration, English cottage relaxation and classic modernism encompasses my passion. Charmingly, I believe the past must be respected and the future embraced. Whimsy speaks to us and warms the heart…always remember to smile! Dressy & Classy :: live glamorously, once you’ve tried it there’s no turning back! Modern Style :: characteristic of current time, always embrace the vogue of recent period, but don’t be married to it. Begin with the things you love…magic can happen when you surround yourself with vignettes of admiration. Bring the indoors out, why shouldn’t your garden be just as glamorous and beautiful as your house? Fancy the things you acquire; indulging in beautiful things can be rewarding for years to come. Glamour :: a formulated combination of allure and charm, it can be elusive but you know it when you see it! Drama isn’t just something that plays out…let your home read like a stage. Chic is stylish, elegant and original; call it ‘prestige with attitude’. Intense is not for the meek, it takes conviction – when you do it the reward is passionate personality with flair! Scripted, rehearsed and cookie cutter should not be part of your dictionary, your home will thank you. Our interiors are an extension of one’s energies, the auras of our existence, they encompass our being and surround us with all we Love.

Sandi Loreen Duclos